Ways to help out.

There is a chance that someone in your life has Tourette syndrome. There is also a huge possibility that you’re not sure how to react or act around people that have it since very few people know about the cause of “tics”. Humiliation can be inflicted on children if people nearby start to react weirdly. Here are some things you should do if you’re parent and friend of someone that has Tourette Syndrome:

  • Involve frequent activities

    A way for tic to get less frequent is to encourage people who have Tourette Syndrome to immerse themselves in more active activities they enjoy. People who are neurologically different usually usually show great performance in memory and mathematics, so it ’s a good opportunity for them to increase their mental energy

  • Support & Assistance

    Do some research about the conditions of Tourette Syndrome to be more aware of the severity. Ask doctors or neurobiologist questions in order to find ways to alleviate the frequent tics. Be more understanding when it comes to emotions since confidence will be an important factor in social situations.

  • Be mindful

    Try not to mention about their tics during conversations. Always try to be patient since Tourette's can affect their speech. Staring and judging can cause insecurity towards the person

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    Take part in our organization and contribute towards a Tourette's friendly society.