Our Team

Benjamin Chen

Hi there! I'm Benjamin Chen, a sophomore at Taipei American School. As a person who experienced many social problems as a kid with Tourette Syndrome growing up, I realized the need for people to be educated about these neurodevelopment disorders. I believe that this youth-led organization will be expanding on multinational level and gradually impacting more people.

Patrick Ho

Hi! My name is Patrick Ho. I am currently studying at Taipei American School. Some of my interests are political satires and architecture. Being a person that was diagnosed with selective mutism, my role as a co-founder is to fight against the social struggles people with neurological disorders face.

Varshini Ganesh

Head of Content
Hello, my name is Varshini Ganesh and I am the Content Director of Tourette SyndromeS. I am a sophomore at The University of Texas at Dallas, currently majoring in Neuroscience. As an upbeat and self-motivated student, I envision an exciting future in the field of medicine. I am very excited to be part of this initiative and want to take a stand and help spread awareness because everyone deserves to take advantage of the equality and the opportunity provided in our country without having to worry about facing judgment or oppression. I also want to get to meet diverse people from various backgrounds and gain experience by learning from my peers and people in the society as a part of the impact. Thank you!

Zareeb Chowdhury

Hey, my name is Zareeb and I am the technology advisor for Tourette SyndromeS. I am a rising senior in high school and I am from America. My desire to create and develop impressive software and tech is what I wish to contribute to this organization to help it reach its full potential. I have over 4 years of programming knowledge which I look forward to using with the team at Tourette SyndromeS.

Andrew Wolff

Director of Communications
My name is Andrew and I am the director of communications. I am a sophomore at the Wardlaw Hartridge School in Edison, NJ. My interests are researching mental illnesses, along with a passion for science. I want to make an impact on the mental health community and this organization is a great way of doing so.

Angel Sun

Director of Publicity
Hii! My name is Angel Sun. I am a freshman from Concordia International School Shanghai. I decided to embark on a journey with my friends to spread awareness of Tourette syndrome. Although I did not face the hardships of a neurological disorder, a few of my friends did get diagnosed with Tourette syndrome. Watching them being treated differently really hurts my heart. Knowing that every day they will be judged and bullied by this really makes me want to make a difference. I would love to help raise awareness of this syndrome, and to help people in need, hopefully, people will find this website helpful, and to stop shaming others for something they are born with.

Hamza Shahzad

Director of Marketing
My name is Hamza and I’m from Kitchener, Canada. I grew up with a passion for medicine and life science. This passion has feuded me through numerous experiences that have enhanced my knowledge in the field. With this organization and our great team, I hope to make a change and advocate for our cause. I’m excited to see where time takes us!

Ethan Yang

Director of human Resources
Hey there! My name is Ethan Yang, a rising junior from Taipei, Taiwan. As a Communications Officer for Tourette SyndromeS, I look forward to furthering the goals and values of the organization through outreach, while spreading awareness of Tourette Syndrome. I am an avid aviation enthusiast and love traveling around the world in pre-pandemic times. In addition, I enjoy doing Model United Nations and Speech & Debate while also learning the fascinating world of International Relations. Having grown up in a democratic island nation known for its progressive values, Taiwan's unique heritage has helped shape my international perspective as an open-minded global citizen.

Akshara Setty

Communications Officer
Hello! My name is Akshara and I’m currently a senior at Plano West high school in Texas. I love biology and neuroscience and going into the medical field is something that I’ve always dreamed of. I’m a communication officer whose role is to reach out to people with Tourette’s syndrome and interview them about their experiences. It’s heartbreaking to see how poorly people with Tourette’s are treated because of something they can’t control. I’m hoping to learn more about Tourette’s and spread awareness through this organization.

Kaitlyn Chan

Communications Officer
Hi! My name is Kaitlyn and I'm a rising senior at the Bronx High School of Science with a passion for neuroscience and psychology. As someone who is aware of society’s misconstrued perception of neurological disorders such as Tourette’s Syndrome, I am determined to erase the close-minded stereotypes that individuals with Tourette’s are associated with. I am honored to be a communications officer for Tourette SyndromeS because the first step towards erasing stigma is spreading awareness and educating others about this disorder, and I believe that to accomplish this, people need to be given a voice, a platform, from which they can share their stories. The cause that this organization stands for truly means a lot to me, and I hope that by being a part of this movement, I can help create a more inclusive society in which individuals with neurological disabilities and disorders are not discriminated against.

Aiendrila Nandy

Social Media Manager/Graphic Designer
Hello! My name is Aiendrila Nandy from India and I am the graphic designer/ the social media manager. I'm currently in my final year at the Vellore Institute of Technology and am pursuing my bachelor's degree in Multimedia and Animation. My interests are graphic designing, digital illustrations, and creating awareness regarding social issues around me. My role would be solely focused on creating awareness about Tourette Syndrome through outreach. I look forward to working on a platform like this and hope it favors future endeavors.

Jason Yang

Publication Officer
I’m Jason, a freshman at Taipei European School. I was diagnosed with Tourettes at the age of 10. A lot of people with this syndrome get bullied during childhood, including me. In our opinion, we believe that nobody should be humiliated over things they are not able to control. That is why me, Benjamin and others decided to put this website together. My role as being in the publication department is to help spread awareness to others about Tourettes.

Gael Gonzalez-DeLeLuz

Publication Officer
Hey there! My name is Gael Gonzalez-DeLaLuz and I am a 15 year old from New Jersey, United States. I have an extensive passion for neuroscience and biology. I aspire to become a leader in the community and empower other underrepresented youth through advocating for more resources that can be easily accessible to all. Some fun facts about me: my dream school is Harvard University and I want to become a neurosurgeon!

Sarah Ali

Publication Officer
Hi! I’m Sarah, I’m 17 and I live in UAE. I have seen the struggles of my friends with Tourette’s, therefore, I’m very glad to be a part of the publication group and inform others about this. I hope my monthly articles can raise awareness and hopefully present the readers with scientific research done on this topic.

Matthew Su

Content Writer
Hi I am Matthew Su, a sophomore at Taipei American School. I have a stutter that greatly effects my daily life, I know a stutter is not comparable to Tourettes Syndrome but I would still like to join, I know what it feels like to have a block that effects you in multiple ways. I have tried many ways to "fix" my stutter most degrading and useless for example during the 7th grade I was forced into reading the same speeches by famous presidents which did more or less next to nothing. My stutter use to be so bad I use to have to beat the words out of me or just not talk at all. I would have to deal with ignorant people telling me to slow down which would not help at all. All in all, It is my pleasure to be the content writer of this organization and to raise awareness of Tourettes Syndrome.

Zarnab Tufail

Content Writer
Zarnab Tufail is a 19-year-old aspiring medical student from Pakistan. She is passionate about mental illnesses awareness and healthcare. She is the ambassador for Mentally Prepared. She is determined to merge her interest in medicine and writing to create content for Tourette SyndromeS. She aims to promote awareness about neurodiversity in her brown community.