Tourette SyndromeS x Plannr Consulting

Empowerment Core

With a collaboration with another non-profit organization known as the Plannr Consulting, Tourette SyndromeS has launched a server called Enpowerment Core.  The sole duty of the server is to provide a community for people to discuss the social issues diagnosed people face on a daily basis. The mission statement of Tourette SyndromeS is to help society move towards a more accepting environment to avoid people from feeling different from others. Empowerment Core is a judgment-free community, so people can feel free to share their stories and views on their experience with neurological disorder. Participating in these seminars will help create an understanding between people with different viewpoints. Lessons can be taught between a group of people, such as some appropriate ways to help out a friend that is dealing with any neurological disorder. The elimination of ignorance will be the ultimate impact of Empowerment Core.


Plannr Consulting is a not-for-profit organization that focuses on three main factors: increasing awareness of mental health issues, offering free consultations (student to student) in an aim to reduce stress for youth, and creating a community so that students can have a platform to talk to other students. To achieve this, they have promoted different social media campaigns, like our Positivity Campaign and Empower Interview Campaign, which have reached thousands of people. They have consulted with various students across the world and have a new merchline. Plannr Consulting also holds regular fundraisers and runs a publication called Mind Garden.