published on 04 January 2021
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Tourette’s Syndrome is a disorder that effects millions of people every day, Tourette’s Syndrome is a common neurodevelopment disorder that begins in childhood or puberty. It is a condition that causes a person to make involuntary sounds and movements referred to as “tics”, Tourette Syndrome can be a challenging part of people’s daily lives therefore there are many support groups to help people deal with their disorder. One of these support groups is the subreddit r/Tourettes on the social media website Reddit, the subreddit currently has 7.9 thousand members; on this subreddit users can post stories to promote discussion and support, post images, or ask questions. The subreddit is organized into three main parts or flairs, as users can flair their posts into different categories, the flairs are Discussion, Support, Questions, Video, Funny and News/Article.

The top submissions for the flair “Video” is an animation on tics and the feeling behind them, this submission can be interpreted as someone who is venting about their feelings towards the Tourette’s Syndrome.

One of the top submissions for the flair “Discussion” is “What's your best "I have TS..." story?”, this submission is where people can share their stories about how they told people they have Tourette’s Syndrome. This submission can help people understand to always be conscious about how people may have a disorder and always be kind to one another. The comments on this post are extremely positive.

The top submissions for the flair “Funny” is a meme, this meme demonstrates that humor can be used to bring awareness to a topic as if the template of the meme is eye catching and interesting. People can get educated as they now know more about Tourette’s Syndrome.

One of the top submissions for the flair “Video” is a Rap by Danny White about Tourette’s Syndrome. This rap also viral on the social media site “Tik Tok”. This rap can help people learn about the disorder and provide a more helpful way of learning about Tourette’s Syndrome as the Rap Genre of music is extremely popular. Danny White has also been featured in a interview on the Tourette SyndromeS Organization Website, “A Rapper Without A Chain”

One of the top submissions for the flair “Support” is a submission titled “I’m scared to go into public.” The person submitting this writes about how they are afraid that they will be a disturbance to the public. The comments on this post are both positive and helpful, this promotes a stronger sense of community as they promote positive discussion.

All in all, this small yet active community of the website Reddit is a tremulously positive place for people to discuss and support each other. The People are quick to educate others about Tourette’s Syndrome if someone has any misconceptions.

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