Tourette SyndromeS

A 501(c)(3)youth-led organization that was founded in order to raise awareness of Tourette Syndrome. From sharing personal stories to providing comprehensive information, anyone can feel free to seek solutions to their problems with the organization’s unmitigated support. The ultimate goal is to progress our society towards a more accepting environment on an international scale.

  • The Problem

    A common neurodevelopment disorder that begins in childhood/puberty. It is a condition that causes a person to make involuntary sounds and movements referred to as “tics”.

  • The Status Quo

    Individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders are being mistreated and labeled as strange. The lack of understanding on this issue perpetuates these types of harassment.

  • The Solution

    Knowledge & rationality are the only factors capable of eliminating discrimination against victims. We can spread the message to put a stop to ignorance.


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